It's a Journey

Without putting a birth date to give away beauty secrets, let's just say The Alamosa Team has been around the block for a while. Not just your average realtors.

It all started many years ago in a distant state called home at the time, aptly also named "The City of Trees lined with PHd's".  How could Boise, "The City of Trees" not be the next stop for real estate adventure?  

En·tre·pre·neur - a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses. That just may be a great way to explain how the journey began. As their own bosses and creators of income that started a ways back in 1992.  

By owning and operating an escrow company, Tobie has been the nuts and bolts team for many clients, as in perhaps over the course of 20,000 transactions. The math is a bit alarming, quite actually. Mentored by realtors ranking in the top 1% nationwide, a friend to blossoming HGTV stars of their own, this could possibly be the largest encyclopedia of skill-set, hands-on experience and customer service you will come across.  

Vince's early life career included title work and add to that over 22 years of mortgage lending.   

Vince has been named top sales and top producer throughout all of his lending years, and of course that translates to the successful business of helping customer's on the financial side, and doing that top notch to earn such recognition. This real estate career is just a natural fit, as natural as he is, comfortable and easy going to work for you! 

Can you see this team as no other now? You would be correct, like no other from years...and years...of this thing called life, sprinkled with quite a bit of homes that they have lived in, rented out, fixed and flipped, vacation destinations, income and commercial to AirBnB's, ranches and farms along the way.  Not just your average realtors, it's all about our clients and their houses for sale, buy or invest - we are on your team!

It's Time for YOUR Journey

A personal journey requires a bit more space than here on a website, a bit of intrigue and inspiration shall we say.  We would love to meet you to share.   

We know you will have value in getting to know us, work with us, and let us guide you through your own personal journey.